Why travel with Chickenfeet?

Chickenfeet offers a customised travel planning service for your holidays in South East Asia and we will prepare a tailored itinerary just for you. This may include a combination of the destinations listed on our site or other suggestions we can make dependent on your interests.

Alternatively, we also organise small group trips on set dates for those who would rather join a group of like minded Chickenfeet travellers.

our added value includes the following:

Saving your time

Chickenfeet Travels have scoured all corners to explore the best places around Southeast Asia and the most reliable  people to work with. We've been ripped off, we’ve stayed in some complete hovels, we’ve found the people who don’t look after the environment and just want to take your money, all so that you don’t have to.

We have tried and tested each Chickenfeet Travels  trip, improved the experience and optimised the logistics  to maximise your time and budget. Our destinations are usually a bit difficult to find information on and even after you have spent that time looking, you still don’t know if your trip will be any good - that problem goes away when you book with us.

Logistics optimised

We put together trips that maximise your time and budget. For example, on a trip to Sumatra in a few days you could see orangutans in the wild, explore a UNESCO World Heritage rainforest,  summit a live volcano, bathe in hot volcanic springs, visit stunning waterfalls and take in views of the world’s largest volcanic crater lake. To transit between each of these incredible sights, eat good food and stay in great, unique accommodation requires very careful planning and research. We arrange and optimise all of the logistics and put this together for you in a straightforward itinerary.

Specialist experience in Southeast Asia

You will benefit from our years of research and experience from travelling in Southeast Asia and the knowledge that your trip provider is tried, tested and reliable . Unlike some other travel agents we don’t try to cover the whole world. We are based in Singapore and have a specialist focus on the region we live in and know best. We work really hard to select great local partners and guides , so this saves you going in blind and hoping for the best.


Chickenfeet Travels Pte Ltd is registered,  approved and regulated by the Singapore Tourism Board which requires us to hold certain capital levels, to have a fixed address and to maintain insurance.  Book with us and have confidence that we are accountable for your holiday and your deposit/payment.

Plan ahead

Most of  the good stuff in Southeast Asia is often on a "stumble upon it" basis. We know through first hand experience that busy professionals often don’t have time to just turn up and find what to do when they get there. Chickenfeet has made great adventures in Southeast Asia accessible for pre-planning and booking!  Travel with us and do everything in advance with the assurance that you will get all parts of the adventure, without the hassles.

Small private groups

We hate the idea of large tour groups, coach trips or following a flag. All of our trips (including our organised group trips) involve small private groups  giving you a more enjoyable, authentic experience.

If you are travelling with friends we will  even help you get them organised by liaising with them directly for the information we need to book the trip and by taking separate individual payments.

Airport pickup

You rush out of work and dash to the airport, get on the plane and eventually have time to think… what happens when I get off my flight? Where do I go? Will I be hassled by rip off merchants? Relax … every Chickenfeet Travels trip includes an airport pickup in your trip price so there will be someone there to meet and greet you as you come through arrivals.

Full Support

Full support and assistance, pre-/during/post-adventure.  We are basically on standby all the time.


Southeast Asia does luxury travel very well and its easy to go online and book. Similarly, backpackers have a wealth of information at their fingertips from travel bloggers. However, there is a broad ranging middle ground which can be difficult to navigate due to the multitude of options and a lack of information.  

We have carefully vetted and  hand-picked accommodation, guides and trip providers that are  affordable, reliable, friendly, fun and adopt sustainable and eco-friendly practices. They  strive to give you the best holiday possible, rather than just take your hard earned money.

We should note that we can certainly offer luxury accommodation if that is what you want, but we make sure that it is unique,  eco-friendly, sustainable and supports the local community.

Make a positive impact

When booking with Chickenfeet Travels you are also doing your bit to help support the communities you visit and the wildlife that is often endangered. Here’s how:

  1. We have made sure that, as far as possible,  all of our trip operators operate sustainable practices and protect the environment;

  2. We strive to work with local operators to ensure that profits are retained locally and support development of local communities;

  3. Your visit can make a positive impact because money made from sustainable tourism can reduce the need for locals to make money from activities such as palm oil plantations and illegal logging and incentivise protection of the environment and wildlife;

  4. We strive to educate people as to how to adopt eco-friendly practices when travelling - check out our blog.

  5. Chickenfeet Travels has pledged to give 10% of its profits to charitable causes that help to protect the communities, environment and wildlife in the areas where we operate our trips. We will not do this through large corporate charities but small localised efforts and we take time to make sure we know where such donations go;

  6. Chickenfeet Travels is a member of One Percent for the Planet which is “a global network of businesses, nonprofits and individuals working together for a healthy planet. More than $150 Million dollars given back to the environment.”

  7. Chickenfeet Travels are “Pending for B Corp certification” which is a collection of “new types of companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems”.  

Transparency and Affordability

We’ve been there researching holidays  online thinking “Why should I use a travel agent as they will just increase the cost by adding on an extra charge for themselves?”
Well, hopefully the list above shows you why we add value and that we provide a service worth paying for!
But we also want to be transparent with our Chickenfeet travellers. We earn money from what we do in two different ways:

  1. We may earn commission from accommodation and trip providers for booking a trip with them. You the customer pay the same amount and we get commission directly from the accommodation or trip provider. So you might pay nothing for our services!

    Most providers offer a similar rate of commission so this is not a reason for us to favour one provider over another - we select our providers based on the quality of service and their sustainable practices.

  2. Alternatively we will add a charge (based on a percentage of the trip cost) for our service. To be fair to our customers, this percentage charge is reduced in proportion to the number of people travelling in a group and the duration of the trip. Therefore, the more people travel and the longer your trip, the lower percentage you pay.

    We admit that some of our trips could potentially be done more cheaply if you arranged it yourself. However,  we had to visit and spend time in each trip location to get the information needed, to make sure that trip operators are reliable and responsible and often link together different parts of the trip with various operators. You could waste a lot of time researching, you may not find the necessary information and you might go in blind with unreliable and irresponsible operators.  

    We always strive to make our trips affordable, so just drop us a line for a quote.

With Chickenfeet, you will make a positive impact
and #changethewayyoutravel