Why travel with Chickenfeet?

When you explore with Chickenfeet Travels: as a customer you are supported before, during, and after your holiday; and as a traveller, you are contributing to the positive impact that we have on all the individuals and communities whom we work with. 

Book with Chickenfeet Travels, and our added value includes the following:

Saving your time

Chickenfeet Travels have scoured all corners to explore the best places around Southeast Asia and the best people to work with.  We've done the research, tried and tested each trip, improved the logistics and optimised it for quick getaways.  Our destinations are usually a bit difficult to find information on and even after you have spent that time looking, you still don’t know if your trip will be any good - that problem goes away when you book with us. 

Our Experience

You will benefit from our years of research and experience from travelling in the region and the knowledge that your trip provider are tried, true, and reliable. We work really hard to ensure our local partners and guides are the best, so this saves you going in blind and hoping for the best. 


Chickenfeet Travels Pte Ltd is registered and approved by Singapore Tourism Board.  Book with us and have confidence that we are accountable for you, your holiday, and your deposit/payment.

Plan ahead

All the good stuff in Southeast Asia is often on a "stumble upon it" basis and Chickenfeet has made all of this accessible for pre-planning and booking!  Travel with us and do everything in advance with the assurance that you will get all parts of the adventure, just without the hassles.

Full Support

Full support and assistance, pre-/during/post-adventure.  We are basically on standby all the time.  

Make a positive impact

When booking with us you are also doing your bit to help support the communities you visit and the wildlife that is often endangered. Here’s how:

  • Chickenfeet Travels has pledged to give 10% of its profits to charitable causes that help to protect the communities, environment and wildlife in the areas where we operate our trips. We will not do this through large corporate charities but small localised efforts and we take time to make sure we know where such donations go;

  • Chickenfeet Travels are also members of an organisation called One Percent for the Planet which is “a global network of businesses, nonprofits and individuals working together for a healthy planet. More than $150 Million dollars given back to the environment.” 

  • Finally, we are also “Pending for B Corp certification” which is a collection of “new types of companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems”.  

With Chickenfeet, you will #changethewayyoutravel

Note from Chickenfeet Founders:  Travel with your friends!  The rates we charge are based on the number of people travelling and days of the trip. The more people/days that you travel, the more our charge is reduced.