why Did you Start Chickenfeet Travels?

Chickenfeet Travels was started because of passion; passion for travel, for the environment, and for the people.

Broken down to two big reasons: 
1.  The founders of Chickenfeet, are travellers at heart.  And we found that there wasn't a service, in Singapore , that makes it easy to go somewhere different in Southeast Asia with ease, without spending endless time researching routes, options, and operators.
2.  We wanted to affect change on an individual level (for our customers) and community level (for our operators) to become responsible travellers and live in a greener lifestyle in general.

Chickenfeet travels strives to be the world’s leading provider of unique, meaningful, positive impact travel experiences in Southeast Asia working and growing with trusted, reliable local guides and partners.


Meaningful Experiences

Travel with us and arrive as locals.  We have developed relationships with all of our operators for you to dive right into the experience of the adventure.  Always ask questions to learn more about culture, history, and the people.



Chickenfeet Travels leaves the "banana pancake trail" in order to find different places for a distinctive experience with breathtaking landscapes and cultural encounters in uncommon places.

Positive impact travel 

Chickenfeet Travels aims to use our influence in order to empower economic development on a community level and to encourage "greener" practices as much as possible.   #changethewayyoutravel



All Chickenfeet Adventures have been tried and tested.  We went to the corners of Southeast Asia, found the best people to work with, and developed refined adventures.