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Who is Chickenfeet Travels?

The Chickenfeet Travels origin story is simple: two friends, Jin and Simon, with a shared thirst to explore and common goals to:

(a)  make it easier for like-minded people to explore Southeast Asia;  and

(b)  make a positive impact on the environment and communities they visit.

Simon moved from the UK to Singapore in 2011. Simon loves to get outdoors whenever possible and is a runner, cyclist, trekker, and climber. Whilst working in a  busy professional job he was keen explore South East Asia in his time off, but found it difficult to locate useful information on the places he wanted to visit and to plan great trips that maximised his time and budget.  Chickenfeet Travels is the solution!

Jin, Singapore-born and multi-country raised, found herself back in Asia and obsessed with the landscapes and cultures of this region.  She is a low maintenance traveller with a marine bio/geology degree, a passion to make a difference and is amazing at organising stuff.  Jin also has a knack for exploring places off the beaten track and finding great characters to work with...just what you need to run a friendly travel company!

Jin and Simon have grown the business and the Chickenfeet Travels team from there always with its key focus in mind: to create hassle free, sustainable, off the beaten track  holidays, maximising your time and budget and supporting the environment and communities visited.