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It all started when...

The Chickenfeet Travels origin story is simple: two friends with a shared thirst for adventure and common goals to make it easier for like-minded people to explore Southeast Asia and to make a positive impact on the environment and communities which they visit.

Simon, was brought out from the UK to Singapore about 7 years ago and plans to stay for the foreseeable future.  He is a lawyer by trade and always rises to a challenge.  Simon is a marathoner/triathlete, summiting mountain peaks without breaking a sweat, and always getting sh*t done!    

Jin, Singapore-born and multi-country raised, found herself back in Asia and obsessed with the landscapes and cultures of this region.  She is a smelly backpacker at heart but with a marine bio/geology degree and a passion to make a difference.  Jin has a knack for exploring places off the beaten track and finding great characters to work with.

They are a balance of opposites who compliment each other to create the best Chickenfeet Travel adventures: somewhere different, making the most of your time off, and without any hassle.