Our Story

Chickenfeet Travels is the brainchild of two passionate travellers who not only seek a memorable adventure but also strive to leave a positive impact wherever they go.  They credit so much of their travel experiences to who and what they are today and want the same for everyone. To be able to see different places, meet all types of people, learn, experience something new, see landscapes that make your heart grow, share stories, have your world perspective shift, and grow.

In a series of fortunate events and of course less than six degrees of separation, Jin and Simon met on a dive trip to the Philippines.  Catching up over the following years, exchanging travel stories, and eventually realising shared passion and interest, Chickenfeet Travels was incepted. With a very opposite set of skills and experiences, they make an unlikely but perfect partnership for a travel company.


Meet Simon

Simon moved from the UK to Singapore in 2011. Simon loves to get outdoors whenever possible and is a runner, cyclist, trekker, and climber. Whilst working in a busy professional job, he was still keen to explore South East Asia in his time off, but found it difficult to locate useful information on the places, common and uncommon, he wanted to visit and to plan great trips that maximised his time and budget.  Chickenfeet Travels is the solution! Meet Simon...


Meet Jin

Singapore-born and multi-country raised, found herself back in Asia in 2006 and slowly grew a healthy obsession with the landscapes and cultures of this region.  She is a very low maintenance traveller with a marine bio/geology degree, a passion to make a difference and is amazing at organising just about anything. Jin also has a [knack for exploring places off the beaten track and finding amazing characters to work with]...just what you need to run a friendly travel company!

Chickenfeet Travels is the product of everything that Jin and Simon wanted out of a travel company.  Simon wanted a hassle free way to explore the unexpected and overlooked in South East Asia; he didn’t have time to spend days researching but wanted to know his trips were tried, tested and reliable. He also wanted to see as much as possible during his limited leave days.  Jin wanted to support all of the great people she had met travelling; these people are now part of Chickenfeet’s network of local guides, drivers and operators. She also wanted people to see all the great and inspiring landscapes she has seen. Lastly, they both wanted to take care of Earth and counter negative environmental impacts of over-tourism. Jin and Simon have grown their business and the Chickenfeet Travels team from there. Always keeping their key focus and philosophy in mind: to create hassle-free, sustainable, off the beaten track adventures; to maximise your time and budget; and to support the environment and communities visited.