Our Philosophy

Chickenfeet Travels is going back to basics. 

Back to nature. Back to what really matters.

In this age of growing goodwill, it comes down to small companies and people to use their voices and businesses to make a difference.  Chickenfeet Travels is revolutionising the way the world explores because visitors to a country have as much power in determining the future of a destination as the local residents.  And when locals and foreigners work together, magic happens. 

Everything is a bit overwhelming when it is done alone so look to Chickenfeet Travels to start.  Chickenfeet Travels wants to make the inconvenient convenient. Going somewhere different should not be daunting.  Making choices that directly impact local places should not be difficult. Transitioning to a more environmentally and socially responsible lifestyle should not be expensive.  For us, it is as easy as one, two, three: inform, empower, inspire.

The Chickenfeet philosophy is simple.
1. Inform 2. Empower 3. Inspire


There is always a better option to what you eat, what you wear, where you sleep, and where you shop.  In Southeast Asia, there are endless social enterprises using their businesses for good. Small restaurants, cafes, and hotels using their facilities for hospitality training and practicing english and supporting and employing the less fortunate.  People and small businesses empowering those with the soon-to-be lost arts and crafts techniques turning the average into art. 


Chickenfeet Travels uses their business to make a difference.  We provide our partners with solutions to go plastic free within their means.  We empower solo travellers to travel more by getting groups together at lower rates. We empower people to go from the ordinary to push their limits to do and see the extraordinary.  We want people to realise that one person can make a difference. 


See the world, meet new people, and experience a day in someone else’s life.  When you travel, you learn about where you are and a little bit more about yourself.  When you travel with an open heart and mind, you will be inspired. Inspired to change just a little to make a difference, inspired to see more, explore more, and inspired to share your travel stories.  Because when you are inspired, a light is lit and you won’t be able to stop sharing and caring.

“every time you spend money,
you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”
-Anne Lappe

There’s only two things you need to know:

  1. Small changes make the biggest difference

  2. It only takes one person to start a revolution


  1. Design the best adventures in South East Asia

  2. Positively impact each destination

  3. Empower our local guides and partners

  4. Drive environmental and social change 

  5. Revolutionise travel in South East Asia