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customised travels

Chickenfeet Travels has more than a decade of localised travel experience. We differ from other travel companies because we are constantly exploring and revisiting with our people and places. Take our quick questionnaire. Tell us more about you and your travel style and past experiences. The more stories you tell, the more precise our recommendations.

group adventures

Explore Southeast Asia with like-minded humans. We have planned each trip, keeping three things in mind: use public holidays, best seasons, and avoid tourists. We created this because exploration should be affordable and accessible to those who want to. Groups are limited to 6 max.


 weekend travels

Discover what is hiding in your backyard. We have shortlisted and optimised more than a dozen trips to make the most of your weekend. Southeast Asia has an infinite number of destinations to explore and so many incredible ones can be experienced without using your precious “leave” days.


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