Change the way you travel

Chickenfeet Travels is changing the way people travel and holiday in Southeast Asia.  When people "tourist" a destination there is usually more taking from than giving to the local community and environment:  there is always a better choice. Where you sleep and eat, what you buy, which organisation/operators you support can make a difference; there is always an option that supports a social or environmental cause.  

When you take the time to ask questions and learn about ways travel with a positive impact, you open yourself up to experiences that really make your heart grow.  Positive impact travel is a core part of Chickenfeet and we strongly believe that as individuals, we need to empower the local people, preserve nature and protect its wildlife for the future.

You may not need to make a big change; but it does take a conscious effort at the beginning.  Think about the collective difference everyone makes with just a few small changes.  To make it really easy for you, all of the below has been taken into consideration on every adventure and holiday with Chickenfeet Travels:


TraveL Local and small Scale

We all know the phrase “shop local” and when consumers do, everyone benefits.  This mentality can be applied to everything, including the way you travel.  

Supporting locally-operated businesses and small scale operations guarantees you are not "just a number" but instead a person with a story of their own.  When you travel local with locals who protect their part of the planet, you are doing your part to support the right people doing the right thing.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Chickenfeet Travels is making it easy for you to travel sustainably and be environmentally friendly.  In addition to only working with locals, we strive to influence change to a better, plastic-free, more sustainable operation.

Chickenfeet will be adding an e-store by the end of the year in order to make easy the purchase of goodies that make a difference. To name a few: filtered drink bottles, non-plastic straws, reusable bags, and assorted products that support local communities.

Get outdoors and get active

Trekking, climbing, diving, surfing, kayaking, and so much more!  Activity based travel is the way forward!  When you get back in touch with nature and breathe the fresh air, you are able to live in the moment again eliminating any lingering stress .

You are also likely to be consuming less of the world’s precious resources - there’s no air con or lights to be powered in the ocean or the jungle!

Sitting on a beach or by a pool relaxing and reading is great and you can do that on out trips too, but nothing beats breaking a sweat and that amazing feeling when you are standing on top of a mountain or staring at a manta ray.