Travel Better | How to Travel and Do Good

“TRavel: the one thing you buy that makes you richer”

“Singapore Changi Airport registered a strong performance in 2017, handling a record 62.2 million passenger movements (+6.0%) for the year with 373,200 landings and take-offs (+3.5%)".” If even a fraction of these travellers, travelled with the intent to do good, imagine the difference it would make for the developing nations of Southeast Asia and the world at large. At Chickenfeet Travels, we design adventures and holidays consciously, with the intention of supporting communities through an influx of income and exposure to foreigners. Outside of major cities, most people in the region are still subsistence farmers; growing what they need to survive on, trading for other supplies, and selling their surplus. So when tourists and travellers are able to reach the far-flung villages, exchanging money for food, accommodation and guide services, villagers are able to have spending power as well. This is critically important because when villagers are able to earn money, they can finally afford basic healthcare and also indirectly afford to send their children to school and eventually further education.

Small changes have the largest impact

It is essential to remember that as a person, just one soul, we can affect change. As Derreck Kayango has eloquently said “it only takes one person and a good idea to start a movement”. With that in mind, let’s make sure that when we travel, we affect positive change every where we go. This is done by making good choices. Choose a form of accommodation that will directly give back to someone local or if it benefits a whole community. Choose to eat at cafes and restaurants that cook with organic, locally sourced and fair trade ingredients and if a restaurant uses their business for hospitality training, always eat there. Choose to shop at stores that create meaningful, useful products that you know you will use or the recipient will use. Choose to support guides and local operations when exploring the world that truly love and believe in what they do because people will always protect what they love.

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“Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”
- Anna Lappé

Chickenfeet Travels lives, breathes and operates with all of this in mind. There is always room for improvement, but we have gotten really good at what we do. It takes a lot of time, energy, experimentation, and adaptation. We want to make responsible and sustainable travel as convenient as possible.

Pre-Departure Tips

  • Prepare yourself with essential Travel Items (check out Pack like a Pro series)

  • Take the time to research your options

  • Always question something if it is too cheap

  • Book your holidays in advance to save on flights - It is statistically proven 5 weeks prior to a flight gets your the cheapest options.

During your Holiday

  • Map out your holiday and travel logically

  • Always start you day with the sun

  • Walk around as much as possible, you will see and experience more

  • Be prepared with drinks and your essential items to reduce plastic waste

  • Stay curious

Post departure Tips

  • Tell your friends

  • Share on social media with meaningful captions and appropriate tags

  • Give your like-minded friends gifts that will spark a change

  • Invite friends to join you on your next consciously planned holiday

Not sure where to get started, travel with Chickenfeet Travels to make things easier. Explore your options by country, by activity, or by duration of travel. We aim to make conscious travel convenient.

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