Travel Better | 6 unique places to buy souvenirs that support a great cause

In this era of growing goodwill, there has been passionate people who have explored this region and fell in love with the people and the handicrafts.  They've taken traditional methods of local artisans and provided platforms for them to conserve their own culture and techniques.  When you shop at places that also use their business to support local communities, your dollar goes so much further.  Next time you're in Bali, Siem Reap, Luang Prabang, or Hanoi, check out these places to purchase memorable and purposeful trinkets.


Genevieve's Fair Trade Village

"GFTV is a social enterprise creating a fair trade environment for artisans and craftspeople with disabilities in Siem Reap, Cambodia." Now with restaurant, you can enjoy Khmer and international cuisine.

Friends and Stuff.jpg

Friends and Stuff

Shop an array of products all of which provide training and employment for those who really need it. A great place for authentic souvenirs.

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Ma Te Sai

Ma Te Sai means "where is it from" in Laos and the owners of MTS work with rural villages to combine local techniques with modern designs for the home and for your wardrobe.

Ock Pop Tok.jpg

Ock Pop Tok

OPT works with local villages, more than 500 artisans, throughout Laos. Ock Pop Tok ensures that these dying technqiues live on.

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Threads of Life

Threads of Life works directly with over a thousand women to create high quality textiles and baskets. Using their traditional techniques and modern designs, products can fit any household.

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Zo Paper

Contemporary design papers made with traditional methods. Zo Paper ensures that this art form is not lost to the modern world. Shop or join a tour.

Team Chickenfeet are putting together "Good Guides" for major cities within Southeast Asia that will point you in the right direction for social enterprises that give back.  Eat, sleep and shop with a good conscience.  Subscribe now.