Travel Better | 6 social enterprises who support Indigenous Tribes

When we travel to countries, we are looking for an experience and indirectly and opportunity to grow as a person.  Exploring different places and meeting new people, gives us new perspectives and appreciation for what we have.  But so often, do we just take from communities and countries without even thinking about how to give back.  In the recent decades, many individuals have travelled to Southeast and stayed to pursue their passions by starting projects that give back to the community.  You'll find below some social enterprises that all serve a greater purpose.


Topas Eco Lodge

Sleep amongst the clouds and learn about the Black Hmong and the Red Dao Minority tribes. Once in a lifetime holiday.

Bho Hoong.jpg

Bho Hoong Bungalows

Experience real ethnic minority life in VIetnam. The Co Tu minority are one of more than 40 different tribe groups. Explore and learn from people who still live as they always have.

Ban Hieu.jpg

Ban Hieu Garden

A real authentic village experience in Pu Luong Nature Reserve, a place overlooked by many travellers. Rice fields, mountains, waterfall, and the sound of nature.

Nam Et.jpg

Nam Et

Nam Et is the prime example for ecotourism done right. After 10 years of operations, they now have a positive influence over 26 villages.


Mai Chau Villas

Idyllic bungalows set amongst a backdrop of rice fields. Enjoy the calm of this small town and experience local Vietnamese life.

Cave Lodge.jpg

Cave Lodge

Experience a small part of the Mae Hong Son loop properly with Cave Lodge. Cave, kayak, and trek amongst multiple indigneous tribes of North Thailand. Lisu, Lihu, Karen and Shan villages are located nearby.

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Team Chickenfeet are putting together "Good Guides" for major cities within Southeast Asia that will point you in the right direction for social enterprises that give back.  Eat, sleep and shop with a good conscience.  Subscribe now.