Travel Better | 6 organisations to travel with that support animals causes

As humans with voices, we have the power and responsibility to protect those who can't protect themselves.  Explore Southeast Asia with a purpose by supporting the following organisations who go above and beyond to save and rehabilitate gentle creatures and educate us to be better.



EPRC - Endangered Primate Rescue Centre


A sanctuary for all primates. Take a tour during the day or night and meet some of these vulnerable species and donate to their rehabilitation

Eco Phong Nha.jpg

Hai's Eco Tour

Take a specialised tour and visit a smal rehabilitation centre and explore the valleys of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. The more visitors, the more creatures they can protect.

Free the Bears.jpg

Free the Bears

Day trip to the rehabilitation centre to see the world's biggest sun bear sanctuary.


Misool Eco Resort

Splash your cash at Misool, one of the best run marine reserves in the region. Misool is located within the Coral Triangle, that has the most biodiversity in the world.

Satwa Ecolodge.jpg

Indo Ecolodges - Satwa

Found at the southern tip of Sumatra, spend a weekend or more at this scientific research centre that focuses its efforts on the conservation and rehabilitation of Sumatran elephants.

Rimba Eco Lodge.jpg

Indo Ecolodges - Rimba

Explore the less explored, Kalimantan region on Borneo. You will be supporting a scientific research centre and hanging out with Orangutans and other primates

Team Chickenfeet are putting together "Good Guides" for major cities within Southeast Asia that will point you in the right direction for social enterprises that give back.  Eat, sleep and shop with a good conscience.  Subscribe now.