Introducing NTT: Nusa Tenggara Timor

"NTT is literally the best part of Southeast Asia, it is as close to time travelling as you can get."
- Jin, Founder Chickenfeet

AlorIsland 01.jpg

Nusa means islands, Tenggara means southeast and Timor means east in Bahasa Indonesia.   So, where is it exactly in the entire Indonesian Archipelago, it’s pretty self explanatory but to make things crystal clear, it includes the following major islands to the right of Bali: Flores, Lembata, Pantar, Alor, Timor (minus East Timor) and Sumba.

Now that we have established that due to its location, it is a little bit harder to get to, we can promise you that every second it takes you to get there is completely worth it.  If you plan your public holidays properly, you only need to take one to three extra days off to really explore each of these islands.  Chickenfeet endorses a full submersion method to experience these islands and cultures properly and we have designed each of our Adventures in that way.  We have collectively spent months in this region and here are the highlights of each island.

Overall, expect to meet people who are ethnically significant, cultures that have not changed for hundreds of years, and places that will leave you inspired and humbled.  Highlights include:

Diverse landscapes
Desserted destinations
endangered cultures

Flores Bajawa.jpg


Flores is better known for its most easily accessible point: Komodo National Park and its dragons.  And keep travelling east and you will be overwhelmed by all the cultures, windy roads, and varying landscapes.  

Explore Flores in as little as 5 days


Lembata 10.jpg


Two unique things caught my attention:  Lamalera whaling village and Lewohala village.  There is so much more to this mysterious island that is written about on the internet.

Explore Lembata in as little as 4 days

AlorIsland 06.jpg

Pantar and Alor

Diving brought Chickenfeet to Alor and exploring the beaches, cultures, and weaving keeps bringing us back.  Out of all of NTT, Alor and Pantar has it all!

Explore Alor in as little as 4 days
and pantar in a week

Sumba 07.jpg


Some people compare Sumba to crossing New Zealand.  Breathtaking views, noone in sight, and unbelievable beaches!

Explore Sumba in 5 days (coming soon)

Timor 03.jpg


Timor Island will blow your mind!  Panorama after panorama after panorama.  And then once you get to the coast, deserted, perfect beaches to fill your heart's desire.

Explore Timor in 5 days (coming soon)

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