Attention Singapore Dwelling Eco Warriors: Shop Here to Save the Planet.

The first half of 2018 has been monumental addressing the issue of plastic pollution and also presenting solutions for them.  We have seen fast food chains, coffee shops, and of course hipster cafes abandon one-time use straws or switching to alternative.  We are hearing about countries, big retail corporations, and large companies planning to phase out and eliminate plastics by 2020.  We are also seeing individuals take charge of their future and the future of the planet by making better choices to reduce their carbon footprint and their rubbish production.

Images taken respectively from Social Space, Green Collective and Unpackt

Here is Singapore, there are now THREE new-ish stores that can help you make some small changes to make a big difference.  


  1. The Social Space
    Refill your soaps, pick up a metal straw, or buy some quirky knickknacks here.  The Social Space is an enterprise that really takes environmental and social issues seriously using their business to be the change.

    If you work in the area, make SS your go to for coffee and small bites
    If you like getting your nails done, SS supports disadventaged women.  

  2. The Green Collective SG
    Switch over to solid shampoos and soaps, buy vegan and plastic free floss and bamboo toothbrushes, and chose from all different widths and length of bamboo straws.  The Green Collective also has a selection of utensils and goodies that also support great businesses and causes.

    And girls, check out your period cup options here.  Did you know that female hygiene products and baby diapers are amongst some of the most toxic wastes and contributor to garbage dumps?  

  3. Unpackt
    Once a month, make a trip up to Unpackt refill all your necessities: nuts, oils, snacks, pastas and rice, toiletries and household soaps.  


check out some essentials below:

Junxiu Lu