Pack like a Pro | Importance of a Filter Bottle

I travel a lot, I would say more than 250 day out of the year.  And in Southeast Asia, where drinking water out of the tap is not an option in most places, that adds up to a lot of bottles.  Let's just do the math quickly, 1 bottle a day, 250 days out of the year, for the last 5 years would add up to 1250 one time use plastic bottles that will either be left in a dump, end up in the ocean, or incinerated into poisonous gases.  But there is a simple solution, a filter bottle. 

its only 1 plastic bottle...says 8 billion people in the whole world every day!

When you're travelling around Southeast Asia, I believe it is your individual responsibility to eliminate and avoid as much one-time plastic consumption as possible.  So start here with investing in a bottle that dollar for dollar will yield more clean drinkable water in the long run, while not contributing to the plastic problem.  


Here are four brands to support:

  1. LifeStraw
    LifeStraw was one of the original makers of filters and they have developed and integrated into all different types of bottles, gravity filters, and larger filters for communities.  What I love about LifeStraw is that they give water to disadvantaged communities in the world.
  2. Grayl
    I personally think that this is the most functional filter bottle of all.  As someone that will travel away from any reliable water source for a whole day, I would like to be able to filter tap/river water and fill in a larger bottle for a whole day.  
  3. Vapur with Micro Filter
    This bottle is collapsible!
  4. Epic Ultimate Travel Bottle
    EPIC has a bunch of different models, some more visually appealing for city life, but personally, for travelling, I don't want something too heavy or bulky.  The best thing about EPIC filters is that they have integrations for Nalgene and Hydroflasks!
image from Reuters

image from Reuters


Another real life example:  If everyone knew about buying a filter bottle before headed out to Southeast Asia, one of the most beautiful places that Chickenfeet Travels operates in would not have a plastic problem.  In Phong Nha Ke Bang National park, there are a few one-day adventures that can be done exploring the caves and jungles around.  When I did Phong Nha Cave, everyone was given two one-time use drink bottles, at the end of the day, we were given a certificate and I was a number in the 4500s.  Let's do the math once again, that's 9000 bottles that were used for a day and will last another 100 years in a garbage dump.  

With the Eco Phong Nha Collective and Rubbish Free Rinjani, Chickenfeet is helping to eliminate this problem by providing reusable bottles that can be refilled.  We want to educate every person to always be prepared in order to undo the damage we have done on Earth.