Pack like a Pro | Guide to picking a Drink Bottle

You know how there are some girls that have a different type of purse, clutch, whatever for every day of the week and occasion; well I am that girl but instead, with drink bottles, mugs, and cups.  I don't know why, but it is a real problem.  While I am travelling I will always have all three with me; I drop the filter when I am somewhere with access to clean tap water.

So over the years of trying all different types of bottles I have come up with a solid shortlist of what everyone should have to be the most functional eco warrior.  It has literally taken me years to refine and perfect this but here goes:

  1. Grayl Filter Bottle
    I settled on this bottle because I can filter and pour clean water into another drinking vessel.  It is a simple and clever design that serves its purpose.  All the other brands are straws, so if you drink lots of water, you will just have to hope there is somewhere to refill it.

    Runner Up:  LifeStraw bottles
    Runner Up:  The Answer EPIC filter integrates with Nalgenes and Hydroflasks
  2. Miir Wide Mouth Insulated Thermos
    I love cold drinks and juices and hot teas.  Miir Bottles are insulated to keep things cold and hot and they are wide mouth, easy to fill up with ice and easy to clean.  This makes it possible to order these on the go guilt free.  In addition, Miir is one of those businesses using their business to do good; they accumulate money from sale of bottles, pick a project and fund it and as a consumer, you can see the difference you are making.

    Runner Up: Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth with Cafe Cap
  3. Vapur Anti-Bottle
    I have this as a back up as it is collapsible and does not take up that much space or weight.  When I know I am going on a multi-day hike or if it particularly hot out, I will fill this up as a back up just in case I don't come across a stream or tap.


Other bottles that I have used are the following:

  • Nalgenes, they are light and great for the gym.  They take up a bit too much space for me to travel with.
  • Siig, they are metal so they get a bit heavy.  I find that they also chip easily.  And they are not insulated.
  • Kathmandu, aluminum bottle opening is just not big enough.  And it can't keep drinks hot/cold.
  • Swell, is great for keeping cold drinks at your desk but it is next to impossible to fill with ice.
  • Contigo Coffee Mug, is great for the city but sometimes it sweats and sometimes it leaks.
  • Contigo bottle with straw has an awkward clip
  • Camelbak are hard to maintain when not in use.  Their bottles are great for city use as well but it has a weird clip.  Their glass bottles are really heavy.
  • Polar Bottles, I can imagine is great for runners or bikers, but I want my bottle to have more function.