Pack like a Pro

The word professional seems a bit over the top to me but by definition, I am a "professional traveller", being the co-founder of a travel company and having to do recce work in the form of exploring and seeking out new destinations for you.  I've been travelling literally since I was of flying age, lived in 3 countries by the age of 9, and left "home" at 17, and I have not stopped ever since.  It has taken me a lot of accidental experimenting with travel gear to come to my streamline packing now; and I still think there is room for improvements!


Circa 2006, I remember when the internet wasn't the most powerful tool ever, when I first started travelling and there wasn't much choice but to go down to the local travel shop to pick from their selection of goodies.  I remember my first trip, travelling for 3 months with a 70L+20L backpack through Southeast Asia.  Let's bear in mind that 1L of water weighs 1kg; that means, my bags could have potentially weighed more than me!  And since that first trip in 2007, I am down to a 30L duffle and a day pack for all my work stuff; total weight is generally 20kg.

Pack like a Pro blog series will help you understand how to pick things properly, why I travel with certain items, and in the long run save you money.  

The one thing you need to know about me when it comes to buying things is that I hate spending money.  But I will spend the money if it is good quality, it supports a social or environmental cause, or it makes me a better person.  If it's all three, someone please just shred my credit card, because I will haemorrhage money!

  1. Quality over quantity:  If you have a great pair of socks, you will only need one pair!  Imagine travelling with just one of everything because you made the little bit extra of an investment for the quality, technology, and design!
  2. Social and environmental causes:  In the last few years there has been a light shone on all these problems (plastic, meat, fast fashion, pesticides, modern day slavery, to name a few) and with that, the internet is now filled with information and knowledge about how to make better choices.  There is a rise of designers and entrepreneurs who go out of their way to make their products transparent and honest.  I will only buy those. 
  3. Becoming better:  Learning is important; getting the foundations down and then building it up with experience and experimentation.  Whether it's forking out the SG$50 for a day of surfing with a proper surf lesson or a one-week course on composting.  I will spend the money on it.  

This is not limited to just what we can buy and use.  This mentality is what drives Chickenfeet and dictates who we work with.  So, if you're looking for buying gear and in addition to everyday-use items, explore our blogs below:


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