Greenstyle | 4 things you should never leave your house without

As knowledge of the plastic problem spreads and people take this issue into their own hands, these are three things you should never leave the house without.  It has taken a while to narrow down these small items with the greatest impact, and to figure out the best options for each but here goes:

  1. Metal Straw
    Carrying a metal straw with you is one of the smallest changes you can make that makes a massive impact. If you have no problems carrying a pen with you, you shouldn't having a straw on you at all times as well.

    Buy: the best place to get these are online. Lazada is great for anyone based in Singapore.

  2. Thermal Drink Bottle
    Did you know that "paper" coffee cups are not recyclable? There is a thin plastic layer on the inside that stops the cup from going soggy in a second. By carrying a thermal bottle, you can have hot and cold drinks, all day every day without putting rubbish in the ocean.

    Buy: MiiR Wide Mouth Insulated bottles and Klean Kanteen Insulated Wide

  3. Collapsible Tupperware
    I always have collapsible Tupperware with me because I never finish my food in one sitting. In addition, a lot of hawker centres in Singapore use styrofoam or plastic plates, now you can avoid it.

    Buy: Sea to Summit X-Seal Collapsible Tupperware

  4. Eating Utensils
    If you live in Singapore, you know how bad this is: if it's not the plastic wrapping around each pair of chopsticks or just the use of plastic utensils in

    Buy: UST Spork or Light My Fire Spork

Make it easy for yourself by creating a daily how-to-avoid-plastic-and-save-the-planet survival kit. 

Put everything into an Ethnotek Jalan Sling or Cyclo Travel Sling.