10 things you can do over a weekend if you live in Singapore


Singapore is the epicentre of Southeast Asia and that means that you have access to just about everything awesome Asia has to offer.  But did you know that most of these can be done without taking a day off?  There is a lot of activities we can squeeze into a Friday night to Sunday night weekend.  Here are ten things you might not have known that you can do over a weekend from Singapore.  


1. Shake trunks with an elephant

Elephants are found in Asia and Africa.  And within Southeast Asia, there are numerous places to go meet these friendly giants.  There are several reputable places in Asia and enquire with Chickenfeet to meet some!  Some destinations have wild elephants and some destinations function as rehabilitation sanctuaries for them.  

Elephants Khao Yai.jpg
Orang Utan 01.jpg

2. Take a walk with orangutans

Wild orangutans are endemic to Southeast Asia, specifically Malaysia and Indonesia.  There are 3 different species and less than 110,000 in the wild!  Spend a weekend in the jungle with our hairy cousins.  




SO MANY WATERFALLS!  And there are few things better than feeling the spray from a waterfall and hearing the thunder as the water hits the bottom.  Chickenfeet knows some waterfalls where few make it to.


4. Learn to surf

Bali is the go to place for surfers from around the world and we are just one short flight away.  Learn to surf over a weekend, get the surf bug and keep going back for more.  Chickenfeet knows multiple destinations where waves are just as good as Bali but even better because they're mostly empty.


5. Learn to kiteboard

Kiteboarding is one of the most exhilarating sports.  Join the kiting community and learn a new hobby that will last a lifetime.  


6. Climb a volcano

Indonesia is found on the Ring of Fire and there are hundreds of volcanoes (dormant and active) scattered all over.  Rinjani, Kerinci, Sibayak, Seneru, Kelimutu, Ijen, and Bromo are just a few worth mentioning.


7. Go camping!

Falling asleep under the stars, cooking dinner by camp fire, and breathing in the fresh air is just some perks of camping.  Southeast Asia is home to many places to camp varying from mountain tops, riverside, and inside dense tropical jungles.

Beach Snorkel Weh.jpg

8.  Island hopping!

Sun bake, island hop, and snorkel at numerous island paradises in Southeast Asia.

Ijen Crater 05.jpg

9.  See blue fire

Blue Fire is a natural phenomenon that occurs when sulphuric gases collide with air.  One of the few places where this can be seen is Ijen Crate, East Java.

Camiguin Island.jpg

10.  Relaxxxxx!

Chickenfeet has compiled an extensive list of hotels and resorts across Southeast Asia that supports good causes.  Chose to relax over a quick weekend away at one of these and contribute to the community.


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