Pack Like a Pro | 5 things to alway have on you (on a long drive)

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When we explore the world, there's always those moments where you think or say "oh I wish I had that..."and on a long drive, these are the small things to always have on you!

  1. Neck Pillow - This will save you plenty of neck pain!  And invest in a good one, we recommend the Cabeau Evolution Pillow.  It might seem a bit bulking at first, but it is the what everyone needs!
  2. Motion Sickness Pills - just in's better to have some on hand than have the passing scenery be ruined.
  3. Auxiliary Cable - if you're travelling with friends, this is a must!  Music can make a long car trip just that little bit better.
  4. USB Car Charger - You don't want to miss out on something because you didn't have battery...
  5. Good Music - Music makes memories!