FUN-damentals | Learn to surf

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This is your How To Guide to learning how to surf.

Surfing is one of those sports that you can participate in for a lifetime. The key is not to give up after the first few times - it gets easier!  Surfing takes you to the top of the world and then immediately crushes your spirit (in the best way possible) the next second.  You are paddling hard for 90% of the time, just to catch a wave for a few seconds.  It is hard work that is TOTALLY worth it.

Learning to surf is hard so you need to have everything in your favour.  The waves, the board, and most importantly your instructor.  It is crucial to learn everything properly from the start; avoid establishing bad habits.  There is correct paddling, correct pop-up, learning to read the waves, and of course having the best time every session.

  • Paddling - a common mistake is paddling with just your arms.  Always use those back muscles.  Keep your chest high!

  • Pop-up - get to your feet quick but slowly stand up as the wave breaks.  Once you have learned this properly from your instructor, I suggest that you practice 20 pop-ups every morning on land before you even touch the water.

  • Reading the waves - this is just experience.  The more you surf, the better you can read the waves.

  • Having the best time ever - Always Smile!  Nothing else really matters if you're having fun.

How do you find a good instructor?
Usually, word of mouth or a lot of research and a bit of blind luck!  See below for some places and instructors (coming soon):