Founders' Stories | Why Everyone Should Motorbike around Southeast Asia


Motorbiking all through Southeast Asia has been on my things-to-do list since I knew that it was a thing to do.  It only took me a just under a decade to woman up, buy a bike, and actually do it.  In a way I am glad I waited because access by motorbike between countries is only getting easier and the roads are improving.  Collectively, it has taken me about three months to explore most of Vietnam and a tiny bit of Cambodia.  It is a lot of time but I can tell you that this is hands down the best way to see what each country has to offer.  In short, you immediately feel like you are "one of the locals'.  I have learned and experienced so much than expected while on the road in each little pocket of Asia that I have stumbled upon.  I have goals to explore all of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand by bike and separately, Indonesia on an Indonesia-bought bike by the end of the year and I am super excited.

Not enough time to conquer all of Southeast Asia at one time?  Chickenfeet is working on routes and building relationships with more good peeps in the form of mechanics in the fly-in cities all over Southeast Asia in order to assist anyone in conquering SEAsia by motorbike.  COMING SOON.