Founders' Stories | Volcanoes of Berastagi

Sibayak 02.jpg

Berastagi town (on Sumatra, Indonesia) is the halfway mark between Medan and Lake Toba making it a great resting point to break up an otherwise long drive.  If you live in Singapore and shop at NTUC, you might recognise the name because a lot of potatoes are from here, but if you are also a traveller you may know that Berastagi has 2 volcanoes:  Sinabung and Sibayak.

Sinabung is the higher of the two and the more active.  Since December 2013, Sinabung has been erupting and spewing out smoke clouds; making it too dangerous to climb.  I was lucky enough to have climbed Sinabung before it has become too dangerous.  And I can say, that size does not matter! Sibayak is smaller but everything about the day trek up and down is much better. The “peak” makes for great photos because it looks like a huge meteor crater and its an incredible place to watch the sunrise.  But the best part is the trek down.  Descending Sibayak, if you are lucky, it will be to the sounds of gibbons howling.  And what’s really cool is that the path down is through a tunnel of vegetation; an uncommon terrain!

Sibayak is a great half day trek so its not too hard on the legs and great for those unsure if they will enjoy a mountain trek but also really rewarding for anyone. Get over there and give it a go!  

I have done both  volcanoes with G and his team.