Founders' Stories | Phong Nha Cave


Phong Nha Cave has just been opened up for further exploration by anyone. Anyone who is not afraid of the dark and doesn’t mind clambering up and down a few rocks.

Phong Nha Cave is found in Central Vietnam.

A lot of visitors will go 1km into the cave on the slow boats and walk in the largest chamber. That’s great for an introduction and to have a look around; but if you are up for a bit of adventure you can kayak 4 kilometres into the cave.  Even better than that is that its not just a kayaking is a great natural spa experience mixed with rock climbing!

Here are the highlights:

  1. Swimming in a river inside a cave
    The cave ends 4km in where there are no more “paths”.  All you hear is the gushing of water!  And to one side where the current is not strong, you get a chance to go for a dip inside a safe cul-de-sac of chilly water.  Jump in off some rocks and just float!

  2. Mud and sand bath in absolute darkness
    This unexpected spa experience makes this trip worth every cent!  As the guide digs a shallow pit for each person, you cover yourself in mud that you scrape off stalactites hanging from the ceiling.  Then you lay in your individual sand pit, get covered in sand, and lights are turned off.  With water gushing in the background, in absolute darkness, it is a whole new level of relaxation!

  3. Traversing the terrain
    If you have seen the movie Everest, where a ladder is placed between two points with a massive crevasse to climb over…that’s how some of the parts felt.  That might have been a slight exaggeration, but Phong Nha Cave is definitely a test of nerve.  

  4. Glimpse into the past
    Around the 500m mark, you park your kayak on a sand bank and climb up a small hill to see ancient writings.  Estimated to be 400 years old with its roots in Buddhism, it is quite grounding to be in the presence of something that old.

This is a great day trip from Phong Nha town and it isn't too intense for anyone that isn't ready to commit three or more days trekking into a jungle to enter a cave.