Backpack Basics | Always travel with two drink bottles

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Stay Hydrated.  Stay Eco Friendly.

Note from the Founders of Chickenfeet Travels:  From years of travelling, we have tried countless different brands/styles/types of gear along with different packing methods.  Through this experience, we have fine-tuned our equipment selection and method to packing light.

  1. You know how hot it is in Southeast Asia. You will always need water; about three litres a day if you're active. Therefore, always travel with a filter/filtered water bottle. The filter removes contaminants from any tap water, so you can just fill it whenever you are near a tap. It literally eliminates the need for buying one-time use plastic bottles.  More than 100 million plastic bottles are used worldwide every day and that plastic cannot be destroyed.  Do you part to #banthebottle.

  2. These days the filters are really simple, you just fill up your water bottle as normal and the filter is in there doing the job. There are two bottles that we recommend:  The Grayl Ultralight and the Epic Ultimate Travel Bottle.  The Epic Travel Bottle is great if you know you can refill and filter quite often; while the The Grayl is great to quickly filter and fill a one or two-litre bottle or camelback for an entire day of drinking. Filter bottles will soon be available in Singapore from the Chickenfeet shop.  

  3. Always travel with a thermal bottle. If you have a tendency to drink coffees, juices, or cold water, this is a must.  Did you know that "paper" coffee cups are non-recyclable?  It has a layer of plastic lining the inside that makes it impossible to break down.  In addition, you can also use this as a secondary bottle for storing your filtered water (see point 1). The best on the market is: Klean Kanteen Insulated Bottle

  4. If you are going hiking or doing something very active, you may also want to travel with a collapsible water bottle. Coming in the form of a backpack reservoir or rollable soft plastic bottle.  This is great to store water for a full day of trekking and it is convenient for packing when not completely full or not in use.  We suggest the Vapur Element or a CamelBak Hydration Pack.


We hope you find this helpful.  And share with all your travel buddies to #banthebottle #refillnotlandfill #plasticfree