Pack like a Pro | 6 things never to forget (on a hike)

Mondulkiri 2.jpg

When you pack for a hike or trek, it's important to carry everything important but also keep the weight down!  There is also no need to sacrifice comforts in this day and age because technology for outdoor equipment has made just about everything compact!

  1. Sport/duct tape for blisters - Cheap and easy solution to blisters and soars.

  2. Lip balm - Protect those lips from the sun!  This is usually one of the things we always end up sunburned and peeling.

  3. Nail clippers - On a long hike, sometimes your nails need to be clipped.  It's small so it's better to have than not.

  4. Compact Inflatable Mattress - If you are unsure what kind of sleeping arrangements you're facing, this is an important item to have.

  5. Head torch - "The night is dark and full of terrors", have a headlamp to keep your hands free and save phone battery.

  6. Power bank - There are no outlets in the jungle!  Bring a power bank to recharge!