Vietnam | Phong Nha Uncut

Recommended 4D3N starting at SG$505

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is remarkable.  Think Halong Bay on land, surrounded by rice fields.  But what's even better is what you find under these karst mountains: the caves which have only been open to the public in the last decade.  You cannot imagine just how big these caves are, you just have to go and experience it yourself!


Suggested Itinerary

Day 01 | Friday

Fly Singapore 1305//1415 Saigon; Fly Saigon 1610//1745 Dong Hoi; Drive from Dong Hoi to Phong Nha (1hr)

Day 02 | Saturday

Conservation tour and jungle trek (8km) 

Day 03 | Sunday

Explore Paradise Cave (14km walking); Drive to Dong Hoi (1hr); Fly Dong Hoi 1955//2135 Saigon; 1 night in Saigon 

Day 04 | Monday

Fly Saigon 0710//1010 Singapore

Extra Info and Options


Options available (hotel, homestay, dorms)


Like a local; western meals available for breakfast and dinner


Fly via Da Nang and do a 4hr road trip


Extend 1 more day to kayak Phong Nha Cave (please enquire by phone)


Extend more days to do overnight version of conservation tour and Paradise Cave (coming soon)

Google This!


Phong Nha; Dong Hoi


Wildlife rescue centre (white-cheeked gibbon; porcupines; macaques; civets)


Karst mountains of Phong Nha National Park; caves; waterfalls


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