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Chickenfeet Travels has compiled spaces for those you love a relaxed holiday.  We believe there is an environmentally- or socially-conscious option to everything that we do; which includes where we sleep.  Chickenfeet Travels has partnered up with establishments across Southeast Asia to make it as easy as possible for holidayers to make choices that will have a snowball effect of positive impact.  Every hotel/guesthouse/resort is inspired by and continually supports an environemtal cause (i.e. plastic free) or a social cause (i.e. teaching hotel).  #changethewayyoutravel


Misool Eco Resort
Raja Ampat, Indonesia 

Misool Eco Resort is located in Raja Ampat, Indonesia; known for its island formations and its diving.  Misool Eco Resort sets itself apart from others due to its dedication to conserving some of the most pristine reefs left in the world.  A visit to Misool is only complete with some snorkelling and/or diving; making this a great place for those who love the ocean.  Misool and its surrounding islands can entertain you for days with mini-adventures that include: village tours, kayaking, jelly fish lake, mangrove and cave tours.  

Accommodation starts at US$2400pp (based on double occupancy).


Kalimaya Dive Resort
East Sumbawa, Indonesia

Kalimaya Dive Resort is a new resort based in East Sumbawa, giving you access to the rarely visited or dived western part of Komodo National Park.  Kalimaya is dedicated to sustainability and conservation as well as providing some of the most stunning dive sites in Southeast Asia.   

Dive packages start at US$885pp for 3 nights.


Hollow Tree Resort
Mentawaii, Sumatra, Indonesia

Wake up in paradise at Hollow Tree Resort in the Mentawai Islands off of Sumatra.  The Mentawai's are renowned for some of the best surf in the world but its white sand beaches, culture, and sunsts are nothing to complain about either.


La Villa Sofia
Sumatra, Indonesia

Base yourself out of La Villa Sofia to explore the rarely visited Central Sumatra.  Your days will be filled with trekking, fishing, waterfalls, and just relaxing on secluded beaches.  A visit here is a prefect combination of relaxation and adventure. 


Topas Eco Lodge
Sapa, Vietnam 

Sapa, Vietnam is famous for its rice terraces and colourful Hmong culture.  And there is no better way to expereince this than at Topas Eco Lodge; set a little but further away from the main toursity area.  Hike, relax, experience another culture here.


Mountain VieW Resort
North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Check out the Tomohom Highlands of North Sulawesi, Indonesia.  Tomohon region is jam packed with activities but also a great place to relax.  Mountain View Resort supports local communities and also stick to a strict "go green" plan.


Spicy Villa
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Experience the real North Thailand with Spicy Villa.  Elephants, trekking, cooking classes, waterfalls, and rice fields.  Escape the tourists and explore the real Karen Villages.  Spicy Villa is found high in the mountains and a pristine representation of North Thailand.


Kaliandra Eco Resort and Farm
Malang, Indonesia

Escape to Mount Arjuna for a quiet, chilly holiday.  Kaliandra Eco Resort stands out because of its organic farm and wellness retreats, the history of the region, and all the activities in the surrounding area.  Kaliandra Sejati Foundation supports local communities, conserves nature, and promotes Javanese Culture.


Sala Bai
Siem reap, Cambodia

Sala Bai is a restaurant, hotel and spa.  What is amazing about this establishment is that they use it as a training centre which enables students to learn in real conditions giving opportunities to otherwise underprivileged Cambodians.  


Jaya House
Siem reap, Cambodia

Stay at Jaya House when you plan your excursions to Siem Reap and its famous Angkor Wat and surrounding temples.  Jaya House pioneered #refillnotlandfill in Cambodia.  Experience a hidden gem in the Siem Reap.


Rainbow Lodge
Phnom Penh, cambodia

The jungle oasis is one for the books.  Just outside of Phnom Penh Cambodia, you will find Rainbow Lodge, just next to a river; the perfect place for treks, nature, and a complete reboot of the soul.


Kelimutu EcoLodge
East Flores, Indonesia

Check out the mysterious, colour-changing crater lakes of Kelimutu.  Kelimutu sits at about 1,400 meters above sea level, which means a cool, fresh morning for your sunrise tour.  A visit to Moni Traditional Village is also a must. 


Satwa Ecolodge
South Sumatra, Indonesia

Visit Way Kambas National Park in style.  Way Kambas National Park is home to the Sumatran elephant, rhino, and tiger; all protected species.  Satwa Ecolodge supports conservation projects and employs locally. Experience the real jungle.


Rimba Ecolodge
South Kalimantan, Indonesia

Meet some of our primate cousins and stay in the famous Camp Leakey (established 1971).  The lodge will be your stepping stone to seeing orangutans in the wild.  this is a true jungle experience, with some creature comforts.


Joshua District Villas
Bali, Indonesia

Recycle or die, is the theme for Joshua District villas.  Located in several locations in Bali, villas are creatively isolated and made from recycled shipping containers.  Joshua District is creative, minimalist, and inspiring.


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We are currently updating all prices and packages for 2018.  Please consider these establishments when booking your next holiday.  Change the way you travel.

All Prices listed above are indicative and subject to changes upon request; this is due to seasonal charges (high season vs low) and other factors that are controlled by each resort.