Malaysia | Mulu Nat'l Park

Recommended 5D4N starting at SG$783

See the geological spectacles of Mulu National Park: The Pinnacles and Mulu show caves.  Weave through the rivers of the region to access the different caves.  See a mass bat exodus and chance a sighting of a Bat Hawk or Peregrine Hawk with a dive speed of up to 200kph.  Feel insignificant standing in the large caves of Mulu and atop the out-of-this-world Mt Api.


Suggested Itinerary

Day 01 | Friday

Fly Singapore 1225//1430 Miri (suggested); Explore Miri

Day 02 | Saturday

Fly Miri 0920//0950 Mulu  (suggested); Pick up from airport; transfer to National Park HQ; Explore Deer Cave

Day 03 | Sunday

Explore Clearwater Cave and Wind Cave; Climb to Camp 5 (±3hrs)

Day 04 | Monday

Summit Pinnacles (±3hrs) 

day 05 | Tuesday

Descend back to Park HQ; Fly Mulu 1435//Miri1555 (suggested); Evening in Miri

day 06 | Wednesday

Fly Miri 1000//Singapore 1155 (suggested)

Extra Info and Options


Hotel; lodge (basic); camping


Restaurant; Local camp-made food


Extend 1 day for advanced caving assessment

Google this!


Miri; Mulu


Bat exodus; predatory hawks; hornbills; cave insects


Clearwater Cave (longest cave system in Asia); Deer Cave (largest cave passage in the world); Wind Cave; Mt Api, the Pinnacles


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