With 17,000 islands spanning 5,000km east to west and 2,000km north to south, Indonesia offers amazing variety. Most tourists never venture beyond Jakarta and Bali, but that overlooks the almost endless variety of landscape, creatures, climates, cultures and travel possibilities. Step outside the tourist traps where few bules (pronounced boo-lay, meaning foreigner) venture, where local communities will welcome you with open arms, and people help each other just because. The places you can go to in Indonesia will warm your heart.


Just the Weekend | 2-3 days



Starting at SG$345
Summit for sunrise and if you're lucky you can see some lava flow on sister volcano, Sinabung

Jogja Uncut

Explore all different types of cultures in Yogyakarta.

Lombok Selatan


Visit white sand beaches, pink beaches, and relax in a Sasak fishing village.

Bukit Lawang

Starting at SG$310
Trek the end of the Gunung Leuser National Park and meet some orangutans and tube back down river to the village

Jawa Timur

Explore east Java, climb two volcanoes and see blue fire, a natural spectacle when sulphuric gases mmix with air

Lombok Utara

This is a great mixture of trekking up to panorama views and island hopping

Lake Toba

Enjoy as close to perfect temperature and the green hills of Lake Toba.

Thumbnail Indonesia Bali North.jpg

Bali Utara

North Bali is a whole different world from the commonly visited Seminyak.

Longer Holidays | 4-6 Days

Pulau Weh

Starting from SG$563
This is the northern-most point of Indonesia and a little gem in itself.  Great for last minute getaways.

Bengkulu uncut

Starting from SG$538
A combinations of camping, hiking, island hopping, exploring, rock climbing, and snorkelling.

FloreS Overland

Travel overland Flores Island to explore villages lost in time, multi-coloured volcanic lakes, and beautiful rice fields.

Gunung Kerinci

Starting from SG$503
Summit the highest peak in Sumatra.  This is a bit difficult to get to but you'll be rewarded by breathtaking views.

Gunung Rinjani

Starting from SG$625
This one is a challenge but trek to some places that you would have never guessed existed in Southeast Asia

Alor Diving

Alor is exposed to the Banda Sea and you can expect just about anything here!  Macros and pelagics for everyone!

Bukit Daun

Starting from SG$463
Explore different coloured sulfuric pools in Bukit Daun.  Some are yellow, blue, and white!

Dive Komodo


Dive one of the most famous dive destinations in the world.  You really only need 4 days but more is better!

Alor Overland

Alor Island is the furthest east on the Nusa Tenggara chain and every day will bring some nice surprises.

Coming Soon

Toraja HIghlands

Venture to the Toraja Highlands for a cultural experience and some cooler climates in Southeast Asia

Makassar Uncut

Just outside Makassar are some unexpected landscapes and history.