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Yogyakarta is the perfect little getaway packed with cultural and natural sights.  Visit the world's largest Buddhist monument, then take a walk around a Hindu Temple built in the 9th century.  Top it up with a side trip to a cave, where when the sunlight hits it juuuusssttt right is painfully beautiful; and see everything you've done from 2930masl, atop the summit of Gunung Merapi.


Suggested Itinerary

Day 01 | Friday

Fly Singapore 0810//0930 Yogyakarta (suggested); Explore Jogja town and Underground mosque; Drive to Selo Vilage (±4hrs)

Day 02 | Saturday

Summit Gunung Merapi for sunrise; Drive to Jogja; Rest; Prambanan for sunset

Day 03 | Sunday

Sunrise at Borobudur; Drive to Jomblang Cave; Drive to airport; Fly Yogyakarta 1750//2100 Singapore

Extra Info and Options


Hotel (options); homestay (basic)


Local restaurants (options); local lunches


Extend 1-3 days to explore more that Jogja has to offer


All Chickenfeet adventures are customisable.  

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Yogyakarta; Selo Village



Prambanan Temples; Borobudur Temples; Plaosan Temples; Underground Mosque


Gunung Merapi volcano; Jomblang Cave; tea plantations


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