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Recommended Trip Length: 4d4N 

Alor Island is something special.  Just like the rest of Nusa Tenggara Timor, travelling here is as close to time travelling as possible.  Glimpse into our homo sapien pasts by exploring village who still live exactly how they have always lived.  Alor is also lucky to have amazing oceans, reefs, and beaches.


Suggested Itinerary

Day 01 | Friday

Fly Singapore to Jakarta to Kupang to Alor Island; Explore Maimol Beach, local snacks
Explore Takpala Traditional Village of Abui Tribe; Back to Kalabahi 

Day 02 | Saturday

Visit 1000 Moko Museum; Explore Mombang Traditional Village of the Kabola Tribe; Explore Babussholah Mosque and 15th Century Qur’an; Explore Hula Village and meet Mama Sariat Libana; Explore Sebanjar Beach (sunset and snorkel)

Day 03 | Sunday

Drive to Pante Deree Village; Trekking to Sea Goddess Cave, Gurita Pool, Mangrove Tour; Explore White Stone Beach; Mali Beach and Sika Island; Sunset and bonfire

Day 04 | Monday

Sunrise, see Dugongs; Fly Alor Island to Kupang to Bali to Singapore

Extra Info and Options


Guesthouse, simple bungalows, camping


Traditionally cooked, locally sourced food


Extend one day for island hopping


Extend three days for island hopping and South Alor exploration

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Babussholah Mosque, Takpala Village, Mombang Village


White sand beach, crystal clear oceans, islands, mangroves


Support traditional villages by visiting them in a respectful manner.  


Perfect for:

Culture Vultures
New Explorers
Outdoor Enthusiasts
Something Different

$$$ based on group size

4 people   | SG$750 per person
5 people   | SG$700 per person
>6 people | SG$650 per person


All land and sea transport; all guides and entrance fees; Camping gear and/or accommodation; All meals


All flights; travel insurance (always recommended); 


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Extend up to 3 days

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