With 17,000 islands spanning 5,000km east to west and 2,000km north to south, Indonesia offers amazing variety. Most tourists never venture beyond Jakarta and Bali, but that overlooks the almost endless variety of landscape, creatures, climates, cultures and travel possibilities. Step outside the tourist traps where few bules (pronounced boo-lay, meaning foreigner) venture, where local communities will welcome you with open arms, AND PEOPLE HELP EACH OTHER JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN. THE MANY PLACES YOU CAN VISIT IN INDONESIA WILL WARM YOUR HEART.


Weekenders and Long Weekends

mt. Sibayak

Jogja Uncut

Lombok Selatan

Bukit Lawang

Jawa Timur

Lombok Utara

Lake Toba

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Bali Utara

Epic Escapes (>7days)

Pulau Weh

Bengkulu uncut

FloreS Overland

Gunung Kerinci

Gunung Rinjani

Alor Diving

Bukit Daun

Dive Komodo

Alor Overland

Coming Soon

Toraja HIghlands

Makassar Uncut