scuba Diving

Southeast Asia has some of THE BEST diving in the world but on the flip side, it also has some of the worst operational practices.  Chickenfeet's co-founder Jin is a dive instructor of over 10 years and has dived all over the world.  Together with her experience and her conviction for conservation and environmental protection, we have compiled a shortlist of beyond amazing diving with operators who do their part in protecting what they love.  We have vetted through an endless amount of dive destinations and dive operators to come up with this very very select list.  We understand that there are close to 100 dive destinations and probably a million dive operators, but these are the ones that we work with based on a shared ethos.

Because of live aboard schedules and availabilities, please send us an email regarding any enquiries to any of the below places.

All Year

Komodo Manta.jpg

Komodo Day Diving

Weh 02.jpg

Pulau Weh

Maldives TDC 04.jpeg

Maldives Central

Pygmy Seahorse.JPG

Lembeh Muck diving

Kalimaya 01.jpg

West Komodo

Dry Season (March-October)

Komodo National Park Flores.jpg

North & Central Komodo Liveaboard

AlorDive 05.jpg



Brunei Wreck Diving


misool, Raja Ampat

Wet season (November - February)

SS Myanmar.jpg

mergui liveaboard

Komodo Diving.jpg

South Komodo Liveaboard


Similans & Richlieu Islands Liveaboard